The Good, The Blend and The Expo
August 4, 2011
Audible Mainframe stops off in Paso Robles, CA for a bite to eat and some local sport...
RBN: Audible Mainframe "Ice Cold" Expert Full Band Preview
April 20, 2010
Rock Gamer Studios

Audible Mainframe "Ice Cold"
Advance Expert full band preview

Available on Rock Band Network via RockGamer Studios!

Click here to download for xBox 360!

Audible Mainframe - Behind The Scenes Photo Shoot
July 30, 2009
Behind The Scenes Photo Shoot - Los Angeles, CA

Photography // Edited By: Chaz Curry
Cinematography By: Abram Goglanian
(Shot on a Canon 5D, Edited in Final Cut Pro & Motion)

Song playing in background: "Anybody Else"
Album "Transients"