It has been a long 4 years between albums for Audible Mainframe who have made their way out to L.A via Boston a year ago. Transients is a refreshing upgrade to the memory that reminds me why I was so stoked on them back when I first heard Exposition's classic album 'The Metro'. Highlight tracks include the reggae influenced 'Ice Cold' that picks up during the chorus with the sweet guitar skanks that will get your neck bobbing and the smooth moving 'Anybody Else' that lets you know you are listening to some original music. Another standout that I don't have posted here is the up-lifiting track called 'Subi Alto' (Climb High) that boasts a choir of kids on chorus. The album tackles relevant topics from financial problems to the sad ways of the music industry, so don't worry about being bombarded with annoying rap ego's. Audible Mainframe is lead by the lead raps of MC Exposition and backed by the live instrumentation of Johnny (Drums), Lethal D (Guitar), Miller (Keys, Trumpet, MPC), Walt (Bass), and Special Blend on the 1's and 2's. Look for the album to hit digital outlets August 25th! For fans of Exposition, The Roots, Heiruspecs.

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