Audible Mainframe - Transients Album Review

Audible Mainframe is a six-piece hip-hop band from Los Angeles via Boston that has recently taken the West Coast by storm. Their first album dropped in 2004 and their third album dropped Aug. 25 but the group has not received a lot of mainstream success.  Even though the band is not known for their popularity they still hold down a steady fan base and that is because they dare to be different. Very few hip-hop bands are received well and that is a shame because this band has plenty of musical talent.

To say they sound like The Roots is easy but in my opinion they are better. What have The Roots done in the last five years other than being the house band on Jimmy Fallon’s new late night show?

Lead MC Expo says about the album, "When people listen to this album I want them to feel like The Future just punched them in the face.”    

“We wanted to make the type of hip-hop record that made us fall in love with hip-hop in the first place: big beats, excellent musicianship, and next level throwback lyricism."

Their latest CD Transients is 13 tracks full of musical greatness covering all sorts of genres including rap, hip-hop, soul, dance, and rock. The lyrics by Expo are socially conscious and the high-energy songs are uplifting and a breath of fresh air. They sound great on the CD and I can only imagine how fun they would be to see live.

After listening to the first couple songs of Transients I knew right away AMF was legit. The first track “Money and Flash” paid homage to their rap heroes, and mine, by sampling Tupac and Biggie in the same song, classy move by a group that takes pride in their rap history. 

Another aspect of Audible Mainframe that separates them from the norm is various tracks included horns and guitar solos and other instruments not popular in hip-hop circles. That made me say to myself, “Horns are cool man, these guys are cool man.” 
AMF has a very good vibe to them, including a jazzy feel, which is great to listen to while winding down after a hectic day. Rappers like Walé, Kid Cudi, or Lupe Fiasco would be great front men but Expo does just fine. 

While listening to the album I heard all kinds of similarities like Rage Against The Machine, Phish (Black Phish LOL), Redman, and a whole bunch of other bands/rappers.

The album is full of eclectic music using all kinds of sounds and instruments. Some songs are trippy, for lack of a better term, some songs rock, some songs jam, and all songs flow like soul music.  Audible Mainframe is a very talented group and I would recommend this album to any fan of hip-hop or music in general. 

Matt Anaya
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