A note from Expo...


I'm not normally the kind of person to post every detail of my life on facebook, but I did feel the need to share this with you, and instead of making 1000 phone calls, I'm gonna write one note.

About  a week ago I was diagnosed with cancer from a doctor in Long Beach.  Since then I've moved back to Boston and have begun seeing specialists here.  We still have more tests to run before we get to the bottom of what it is, but theres gonna be a fight ahead of me, and I'm trying to get myself ready for it.

Mentally it's been a tornado, but I'm lucky to have such caring people around me.  The love shown to me by my people before I left California was overwhelming.  My house was full of smiling loving faces, who kept me laughing and kept my mind of the madness, I'm so grateful for all of you.  

Since coming home, I have been greeted by the warm embrace of my loving family.  I feel like I haven't had to lift a finger since I've been here, my Mother Father and Brother have taken care of everything, and my Aunts Mary-Ann and Mena have held down the medical side of things making sure everything that needs to get done on that side of the ball is handled. All my other cousins, aunts, and uncles have been supportive as well just showing me the type of love family shows.

It seems weird to say I feel lucky, but if I have to be in this situation, I feel lucky to be surrounded by so many loving, caring people.

As far as music is concerned, the band is still in Cali, and will be working on music.  I have have access to a few studios out here and when I get some stuff together, I'll be recording so it don stop. Unfortunately we've had to postpone some gigs, but we'll be back on it in no time.

In the mean time I wanna say thank you to everyone who has shown me love and support, the messages and comment on FB are uplifting.  Please keep them coming (they do help).

-Victor Pontes-Macedo



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