Audible Mainframe Delivers Rhymes with a Message to RBN

Are you growing tired of the self-aggrandizing, auto-tuned rap and hip hop invading the airwaves these days? If so, Audible Mainframe will come as a breath of fresh air with its combination of killer beats and a positive message.

Featuring a bassist, guitarist, DJ, drummer, rapper, and a keyboardist who doubles as a trumpet player, Audible Mainframe is bringing a brand new sound to the Rock Band Network.

“AMF” is a hip hop group that consists of a full band and one socially conscious poet; a perfect blend of hip-hop, funk, and jazz, coupled with an important message for the current generation.

Audible Mainframe is poised to become a household name, and an impending domination of the Rock Band Network is highly probable. Their hit “Radioland” has been on constant replay for my workday commute, and with good reason.

Originally from Boston, Audible Mainframe has worked with renown hip hop acts like Slick Rick, Blackalicious and Common. Their first album titled Framework (2004) debuted at the 14th slot on the CMJ charts.

Since Framework, AMF has won the 2006 Mass Industry Committee Award for Best Live Act and Best Underground Emcee. They have also earned 1st place in 2004 for WAAF’s Battle of the Bands, a popular competition in the Boston area.

After crossing over to the West Coast, the group continued to win competitions and gain accolades. They were finalists in the 2009 International Emergenza Festival, and won Airwalk’s 2009 Unsigned Hero Contest, which resulted in a concert for the Spin Magazine showcase.

Audible Mainframe has also toured across the United States and performed in benefit shows for Hurricane Katrina victims, Darfur, Burma, and the Park after Dark event, which helped at risk youth in LA.

On top of the band’s accolades, benefit shows for the less fortunate, and constant touring, Audible Mainframe has also received stellar reviews from some of the top music magazines today. Skope Magazine, Rhythmic Soul, and Static Multimedia raved about Audible Mainframe’s third and most recent album Transients (2009)

Keep an eye out for the Audible Mainframe tracks making their way to the Rock Band Network:

  • Anybody Else
  • Ice Cold
  • Radioland
  • To view the entire article and see clips of the games in action, click here

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