Sunset Strip Music Festival 2010

..."After the Pumpkins we headed back to the Roxy and caught Audible Mainframe, a super-amazing band that you should pack up and go see right now.  Go knock on their door, they seem like the kinda guys that will play a show anytime, anywhere.  Tell them LAist sent you (just in case they’re not the kinda guys that will play a show anytime, anywhere.)  I soon learned that even before my ears had a chance to decide they loved Audible Mainframe’s music, my brain was already convinced because somehow I had been slipped the knowledge that these fellas packed up and left Boston for Los Angeles, JUST LIKE ME.  These guys are my brothers.  We are best friends.  They don’t know it yet, but I do.  Audible Mainframe: you don’t come up with a smart name like that in Los Angeles, you import smart names like that"...

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