Interview with Audible Mainframe
Continuing the “Close to Home” series’ tradition of bringing the best of LA to Universal Citywalk, Audible Mainframe will be hitting the 5 Towers concert venue tonight. This socially conscious, live hip-hop band has been dubbed “the faces and souls of this generation,” and over the course of the group’s eight-year history, they’ve played with everyone from LMFAO to Common. No doubt they will have the crowd going crazy tonight, and the best part of the whole deal? It’s free!

LA Music Blog had a chance to talk to Audible Mainframe about their history on the east coast, their show tonight at Citywalk, and their new single, “Ready to Fly.” [Read More...]
Audible Mainframe – Not Like ‘Anybody Else’
The fusion Hip Hop band Audible Mainframe landed on the shores of Long Beach by ways of Boston, Mass. Whether they came by U-Haul or spacecraft is debatable... [Read More...]
Fyasko Sponsors Boston Band, Audible Mainframe
"Orange County-based clothing brand FYASKO (WWW.FYASKO.COM) has just taken their art and music involvement to the next level when they announced their sponsored partnership with Boston’s own six-piece band, AUDIBLE MAINFRAME" [Read More...]
Audible Mainframe Delivers Rhymes with a Message to RBN
"Are you growing tired of the self-aggrandizing, auto-tuned rap and hip hop invading the airwaves these days? If so, Audible Mainframe will come as a breath of fresh air with its combination of killer beats and a positive message. Featuring a bassist, guitarist, DJ, drummer, rapper, and a keyboardist who doubles as a trumpet player, Audible Mainframe is bringing a brand new sound to the Rock Band Network." [Read More...]
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