Audible Mainframe – Ready To Fly
The Boston transplants to Long Beach, Cali are back with a brand spanking new single for your sound holes. [Read More...]
I'm really feeling Audible Mainframe
with a sound that reminds you of stetsasonic, de la soul, radiohead and other hip hop artists who have strong instrumental influences, audible mainframe is hip hop in it's purist form. make sure you check out their website... [Read More...]
Audible Mainframe, Transients | Skope Entertainment Inc
Audible Mainframe catapulted from their popular Boston nightclub status to making a name for themselves all over the west coast. Their sophomore CD Transients. [Read More...]
Audible Mainframe - Transients Album Review
After listening to the first couple songs of Transients I knew right away AMF was legit. The first track “Money and Flash” paid homage to their rap heroes, and mine, by sampling Tupac and Biggie in the same song, classy move by a group that takes pride in their rap history. [Read More...]
Transients is a refreshing upgrade to the memory that reminds me why I was so stoked on them back when I first heard Exposition's classic album 'The Metro'. [Read More...]