The VICtory Sessions: Vol 1, Track 3: "Toy Story ft. Camp Lo"

Track 3 on The VICtory Sessions EP, "Toy Story," came together through a band jam session well over a year ago. As Special Blend dug through the sound bank in his MPC out came the sample that would ultimately be the main riff of the song. The final product turned out to be a pretty hard hitting straight hip-hop track. At the time, we were working with a management company based out of NYC who also managed Camp Lo. We were fortunate enough to be given an opportunity to back them up for a show, as well as get them on a track. Lyrically Expo wanted to keep this song true to his hip-hop roots and show he hasn't lost his ability to battle. There were plans in place to have an animated video made, a la 'Toy Story' the movie, but those plans were somewhat derailed by a number of issues...peep the track below and don't forget to download the entire VICtory Sessions: Vol. I EP.... audiblemainframe/sets/victorysessionsvol1


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