Dear AMF Friends and Fans: 

As most of you may know, these past couple years have been a difficult time of transition for us all, following the loss of our comrade Expo.  Although we are no longer able to perform or record as Audible Mainframe, we will try to keep this page active as a time capsule of sorts. We plan to release any and all remaining unreleased tracks as part of our VICtory Sessions, and encourage all of you to check out our Facebook page, where you can share any photos, videos or memories you may have of Expo and AMF.  

As for us, we have been working with a very talented singer and songwriter called Pilot Touhill, who Expo “discovered” on Myspace (remember Myspace?) upon our moving to California. Some of you may know him from our songs “Poison Ivy” and “Sonuvagun” from the Transients album, as well as “The Return Of” on The Victory Sessions pt. 2 . He is a fellow east coast native, an incredible talent, and a great guy.   Check out his music online… he has allowed us to continue to do what we love, and we are very thankful. 

After spending the past year and a half touring as Pilot’s backing band, we are happy to announce that we are preparing to release a new collaborative project with him. It’s a different sound, a different voice, but the band remains intact, and we hope to continue making great music to share with you all. We will have more updates as this new project is completed. Thank you for all your support over the years, we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you. 

Don’t Be Sheep, and Subi Alto! 

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