Album Cover
The VICtory Sessions: Volume II
Audible Mainframe
Released: May 8, 2012
Track Listing
1 The Return Of
2 Murder Murder
3 Love ≠ Sex
4 Pennies, Dollars and Life
5 Curtain Call

Liner Notes

This project is dedicated to our leader, friend and brother, Expo (Victor Pontes-Macedo), who lost his 8 month battle with cancer on April 7, 2012. RIP Comrade...

These works encompass everything that we have written and recorded since 2010 until current day. The sessions will be released as short EP's broken up into separate collectable volumes. As each volume is initially released they will be exclusively available for download through our website/soundcloud page. AMF has set up a PayPal Donations account and ask everyone to “pay what you want” for the EPs, as all money collected will help not only fund future volumes, but also contribute to cancer research and awareness.

The purpose of this project is to keep Expo's legacy alive through all the music we have created together over the past few years. These sessions will not only feature band tracks with Expo, but they will also involve collaborations with artists who we consider part of the AMF family. This project will also be a token of our appreciation to everyone who has supported our movement over the last several years... we will be VICtorious..

To make a donation, please go to:


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